[NA East][ GALATUR ] Major high level guild - ENG - FR

[NA East] Major high level guild [ GALADUR ] - ENG - FR.

Mainly created for player from the east coast of America.
We accept, ALL PLAYERS and we accept dialogues or proposals to pair guilds with our members. So if you’re just 2-3 in a guild and looking for bonuses, contact me, Bodan!

We’ve been around since the beginning, as you’ll find over time there’s little social aspect to the game.

But a major positive aspect to being in a high level guild with a high contribution ratio, weekly.

These contributions, at a small rate, are distributed throughout the guild at the end of the week or later next week.

These “bloostone” rewards are a way to gain access to gear and other rewards.

So the simple way to view guilds.
It’s a bank, we contribute to the mutual and we receive dividends and more!
There is no other major advantage.
Hence it is better to be in a guild with a high level and a high level of contribution.

There is no social pressure, and if necessary you can always ask your questions or propose groups.

Don’t be alone, as soon as you can contact us, benefit from bonuses and contribute, even if you have no idea what it’s for, it will be in your advantage guaranteed!

I Bodan, want you! We want you, and we WILL SHARE EVERYTHING! Glory to all, don’t be alone or in a small group, be smart! Search " lotus " in guild search!

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