[NA East - Galatur] Moonbeam

Hey future guildmate! Welcome to Moonbeam :crescent_moon:.


We are a new guild with big goals. Looking for good humored players that would like to get more out of their time in Lost Ark by joining a growing guild.

Here to have as much fun as we can! Most likely we will primarily be PvE/PvM and interested in end-game content. Really we are just a bunch of newbies trying to figure this crap out together :smiley:. Just be respectful and kind to each other! That’s all. And have fun otherwise.

We will be leveling up the guild and recruiting as many awesome people as we can! It will feel like home.

While I am still setting things up with my Guild Deputy Milky, I wanted to go ahead and get this recruitment post out here. You can find Moonbeam in the suggested guilds or just reply here and we’ll get you.


A lot of people seem to have lost interest in Lost Ark after the first few weeks, so it would be really cool if we got some new faces in Moonbeam. We’re just looking to enjoy the content and be pretty casual. If you need help or want to help others in a guild, maybe this is a good place for you. Milky and I play pretty much every day, so we’ll see you around and say hi :slight_smile: