[na east galatur server]

Guild Name: Paradis Isle (Galaturs’ #1 guild) 49/56 level 13 Max guild shop Valtan HM downed! VYKAS HM gate 2 down
Server: US East - Galatur :NAEAST:
Language: English

Want: Anyone that plays the game and isn’t egotistic NO ALTS. Casual/hardcore both welcome, we will down every content in the game but also want more active casual players!
We raid Saturday 9:30PM EST and Sunday 9:30 PM EST (if you don’t raid and just want to do horizontal content we WELCOME you as well!

:large_orange_diamond: About Us:
Just couple friends forming a guild
We now have a pretty active discord channel!

:large_orange_diamond: Requirements:

  • Have Common sense and don’t be rude
  • Have fun!

RAID MEMBERS WILL Complete contents. Vykas and Valtan run every week. And then carry casual active players~ or do horizontal contents together!

Discrod Paradis Isle (Getting pretty active!) Hop in even if you don’t plan on joining the guild! Let’s build this community together!