NA East - Karata

Name: Devils Elite
Region: NA East
Server: Karta
Playstyle: Casual
Playtimes: Afternoons, Evenings, and sometimes Early Mornings
Focus: PVX + Social
Language: English

Devils Elite is a guild created for all types of players. This guild is a casual and chill guild NOT an hardcore or competitive guild. You’re a noob? Don’t know what you’re doing? Well we will learn together.

Are you mainly a solo player or shy and scared to participate in group content? Scared you get blamed for dying during raids? No problem, we’ll welcome you with open arms. No-one shall be blamed, we’re all here to LEARN and CHILL

Constant guild upgrades + tasks will happen!


  • Item level does not matter as long as your active
    -donate and do task please
    -Be friendly to others
    -Post in discord if you will be gone to avoid kick for inactivity (7 days)

Join our discord! Our guild is currently open; feel free to just look us up and join Devils Elite