[NA East - Karta] Bouillon Bois | Semi-Competitive PvE Guild!

Guild: Bouillon Bois (Mains Only)
Server: Karta [NA East]
Language: English

We are a PvE social guild welcoming new members. Our members consist of college students and working adults. Most of us come from either WoW or Destiny and play several other games on the side (Moster Hunter: Rise, TfT, Pokemon Unite). Discord has daily activity and discussions.

Looking for:
We are looking for active players to join our guild and community! We are happy to help you push to 1415+ to get you raid ready as long as you remain active. We are curently searching for 3 DPS to join our Valtan Hard and Vykas normal Static as well.


:white_check_mark: 18+
:white_check_mark: Join Guild Discord
:white_check_mark: Daily Contribution
:white_check_mark: No iLvL requirement
:white_check_mark: Preference for voice comms
:white_check_mark: Willing to fail at and learn mechs
:white_check_mark: Honestly just be chill and respectful

Guild Level 10
Store Level 4
Bloodstone Split 30 Guild/70 Player

DM mis4tune#2055 to apply or apply in game