[NA East - Karta] Gudfellas | Lvl 4 | Tier 3/2/1 content | Casual or Sweaty players welcomed | (optional) discord

We’re a small guild right now, if anyone wants to be part of the beginning phases of a guild then this is your chance! There’s no ilvl requirement and the guild is open so anyone can join instantly. We just want friendly people to enjoy the game with!

We’re a pretty casual guild but we still have parties for endgame content. We started running argos part 1 recently and would love to have more people to party with so we don’t have to find randoms. We also have players/alts in tier 2 and 1 for anyone looking to clear that content without having overgeared party members.

Upon joining you will be able to see the invite to our discord server. This is completely optional for all members. We have it so that we can better coordinate times to clear certain content. It serves as a convenient way of communication while not in game.