[NA East - Karta] - Inexorable - Support the relentless

Guild Name: Inexorable

Server: Karta - NA East

Language: English

Focus: PvE, Semi-Hardcore. No interest in PvP or GvG.

Inexorable is a small group, focused on progression, currently looking for 1-2 players 1340+ to fill our roster. We have a relaxed atmosphere outside of raid time, are MMO veterans, and mostly active around 7 PM ET Weekdays, and moreso weekends.


We are mature 20+, and expect applicants to be the same.

We are looking for people 1340+.

Show up on time, or give advance notice of when you will be unavailable. We have some flexibility in scheduling.

We plan raiding on weekends.

Contact the guild leader on discord Kryton24#0288.

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Is your guild an adult guild? Also the discord invite does not work

It is adults, some have played mmorpgs for decades. And editing to rule out dps, we did fill, so maybe 1 support at most could be supported. Discord link works when I try it on an external browser, so Iā€™m not sure, I did update it afterwards from the original.

Edited and updated with current needs. 1-2 people of any class is now open. Message on discord only instead of link to server. 1302 or close to tier three required.

You still looking for people?