[NA East - Karta] Join Raiden Today! PVX - Casual/Chill Guild

We are a casual guild created by a long time group of friends!

We do not have any playtime requirements at this time. Play as often or as little as you like.
We will eventually pick up an inactivity guild purge as the guild gets larger and space for new members is needed.

We are a small guild (Guild lvl2) with guild shop+. Our goal is to enjoy Lost Ark and experience everything it has to offer, were not trying to rush to end game and skip everything. That being said, we are still striving to hit endgame and do all content.

We are active between 5pm CST and 11pm CST on weekdays. Activity varies on weekends. We do have a discord with guides and tips.

You can message me here if interested or in game - Character name: Altseca
Or simply apply to Raiden in game through the guild recruitment tab.