[NA EAST - Karta ] Stolen Valor

Guild Name: Stolen Valor
Server: NA - East / Karta
Level: 7.8 (lvl3 shop)
Language: English
Focus: PVX
Playstyle: Casual/Laid-back
Discord: Stolen Valor
Guildies: 41/42

About us
:small_blue_diamond: Casual guild filled with gamers
:small_blue_diamond: Friendly and active community who plays a lot of other games together
:small_blue_diamond: Other games such as Dota 2, Apex, Rocket league, etc.
:small_blue_diamond: Anyone active is welcomed! Noobs, Vets, etc.

:small_blue_diamond:Login every 3 or so days (Let us know if you’re too busy, etc.)
:small_blue_diamond:Discord optional but recommended
:small_blue_diamond:Just be chill
:small_blue_diamond:Have fun!

How to join?
:small_blue_diamond:Community Tab>Guild>Type in “Stolen Valor”
or add me on discord Mihgee#9052

1 Slots left to fill atm, 41/42.
Very close to leveling and will then have 3 slots.