NA EAST - Kharmine - Death Metyl Recruiting 1445-1490+ - Midcore

Welcome to the Death Metyl Recruitment post!

We’re a level 20 guild with a core team currently on gate 4 of Brelshaza. We’re recruiting a couple types of players for our team:

  1. One non-sorc raid member - 1490+ dps - Our typical main raiding hours are Weds/Thurs 9-11 and Sat 830-11 ET. Expectations are that you have at least cleared Kakul, but ok if you haven’t done Brel.

  2. 1-3 players who are active in the 1445+ range and interested in doing guild sieges (Snowpang/Naruni) on Sunday at 8-9:30, as well as raid content between 1445-1490. You wouldn’t be expected to be in the main raids unless you want to be and there is space, but the assumption is you’d want to jump into alt reclears, random things guild members are doing, etc.

In both groups, we’re looking for individuals who are adult, can communicate when they will/will not be there in discord, and who are interested in a serious, but not hardcore group. We enjoy the game, we all play too much, but we understand sometimes people have lives and that’s ok.

If that sounds like you, message Starstormheart in game or send a PM on the forums here.

Bumping - We have added a couple folks in the 1445-1480 range, but would welcome more in addition to dps 1490+

We’re comfortable teaching mechanics as long as you spend time learning your class and are able to contribute to the team.