[NA EAST- Ladon] God's Of Mayhem

God’s Of Mayhem
Server: Ladon
Language: English
Timezone: GMT/EST

We aim to provide a 'full-service experience of all PvE and PvP activities, utilizing every aspect of gameplay to support the guild and player development. We consider ourselves a progression guild with the mindset to clear all content, we promote regular activity and achievement whilst being tempered by real-life commitments. As part of a 10-year-old gaming community, we have an optional social and gaming layer for all members. Notable past game escapades of our community members include, but are not limited to; WoW, ESO, GW2, FFXIV and skyforge

We require you:

  • To be 22+ years
  • To be able to speak English
  • To have a working headset
  • To participate in guild events when possible
  • To respect other members, not take yourself or others too seriously and not be a troll or otherwise unpleasant; unless it’s really funny…

We provide:

  • We are currently level 6
  • Belief in teamwork and helping each other learn the game
  • An active Discord Server with guild and community areas
  • A fun-loving environment with lots of room for everyone
  • Support for all, whether you have 10 years gaming experience or it’s your first time
  • Opportunity to engage with day-to-day activity and longer-term direction of the guild

God’s Of Mayhem
49 Online
77 Members