[NA East-Ladon] Knights Oath is recruiting t2/t3 players

About us

Knights Oath was created at early access. We are currently a level 2 guild on NA EAST - Ladon server focusing on end game content. The purpose of this guild to build a roster willing to push high tier PVE group content and GvGs.

Guild Objectives

Our main focus will be PVX content where we clear and farm the most recent abyssal and Legion raids well also doing weekly GvGs. We expect our members to give 100% to any type of content we engage in and are looking for likeminded players that want to excel in PVX content.

Group Schedule
Friday 8pm EST, will add more days once more content comes out. We are able to clear all T2 content at this point.

<Guild Rules & Requirement>

Here are a couple of requirements to join:

  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Discord will be required when doing end game progression/content.
  • Must speak English
  • Minimum ilvl 802
    • Minimum requirements will increase week to week due to limited spots.
  • Contributions to the guild is a requirement, failure to do so will result in guild Removal
  • Toxicity has zero tolerance in this guild. You will be removed from the guild.

If you have any more questions or just want to contact me in game reach out to Chriztoph or discord Chriztoph#9485