[NA EAST LADON] <Knights Oath>

  • NA East Ladon | Hardcore PvX | English | +

is a guild created in early access by experienced raiders from WoW/FFXIV/Albion, with hardcore PvX mindsets and goals. We are looking to tackle the hardest content available in Lost Ark as it’s released and be compete in GvGs, including deathless hell mode achievements.

  • Goals +
  • Have dedicated raiding hours and groups for difficult content, with no guessing if you’ll have a raid team
  • Have a guild that you can actually play with during the week.
  • Accomplish all available PvX fights and difficult achievements in the game as a guild
  • Build a strong community of not only dedicated players, but friends
  • Requirements +
  • Daily silver donations and research boosts to the guild
  • Active in Discord & doing activities with guild members
  • 1302 Gear score
  • Age 18+
  • Application +
    To apply, please contact me in game Ccoursey, on discord Coursey#7140 or feel free to apply via the guild tool in game, Discord applications also available!

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