{NA East - Ladon} Rising Phoenix currently recruiting

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Guild Name: Rising Phoenix
Region: NA East
Language: English
Server: Ladon
Join our Discord: Rising Phoenix

We have been around since the 1980s. We are constantly evolving and expanding our online
presence with folks from all around the world. RISING PHOENIX is here for you.
If a world has an Evil/Dark - Good/Light side, we cover both.
We are on many worlds but the basic rules apply for all of them.
Thank you for checking us out and hope to see you as part of our growing family soon.

  1. We accept new members (a growing family is a plus)
  2. We cover all time zones (always a presence on)
  3. We accept all play styles (Hard Core , Casual , Family , Mature , Military, to name a few )
  4. We accept all levels (brand new to the game or an old timer)
  5. We accept all Alts (for those that play more than one toon)
  6. We have a wealth of knowledge from our members (should you need assistance).

We are actively looking to inviting players who are:

︎ Active and have a mature mentality
︎ Able to communicate in English
︎ Willing to progress and engage in PVE /PVP activities (your choice)

Join our discord and lets have fun together!
Rising Phoenix is full at the moment, so we made Fallen Phoenix, which is accepting all still wishing to join into our family. We may be making a third guild to accommodate all the interest and folks wishing to join. Thank you all for your interest in our guild.
Please join us in Discord to meet with us and chat.

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We are growing quickly. Therefore, we made another guild.
Rising Phoenix is our main guild. Once we gain levels, we will be moving folks from
Fallen Phoenix which has an Instant Invite and if that is full, then
Phoenix Talons also has Instant Invite.

Join our Discord: Rising Phoenix