NA East Matchmaking/solo lag issues

I don’t see any post about this for NA but it exists for EU.

Why is it that every time at night, the matchmaking for any kind of dungeon completely dies? Even if you enter solo, it takes a good 10-20 seconds for the prompt to show to “enter” and even after accepting that prompt to enter, it takes a long time to enter.

This causes guardian raid queues, abyss, etc, to time out even if everyone pressed enter with like 20 seconds remaining.

I saw talk about “server overload” but as Amazon, I expect great things. I’m sure you guys can figure this one out eventually, but please address it and not sweep it under the rug. Please treat this as an actual issue. It greatly hinders gameplay every time.

It’s terrible right now. Hopefully it’s taken care of soon.

Welcome to our world of pain NA bros!
Sorry to hear NA is getting the same issues EU has.
It’s been going on for days and the new servers didn’t help one bit. (Obviously, people aren’t gonna move server and start from scratch when AGS offers almost no incentive to do so…)
I hope now that NA experiences some of those issues, AGS might finally start to even think about solutions…