[NA East - Regulus] <Daemon> Semi-Hardcore Guild LF 1370+

Guild Name: Daemon
Guild Level: 6
Server: Regulus
Region: US East
Language: English

Slots Open: 20

Daemon is a new semi-hardcore guild made up of veteran MMO players from a wide variety of games in the genre. We aim to bolster our roster with people that are also actively enjoying Lost Ark and are looking for people to run content with. Expect to be treated fairly and respectfully as everyone learns at a different pace. We will accept whatever time you are able to give us as we understand that life can throw curveballs at a moment’s notice. Currently our core focus revolves around PvE and pushing content to the absolute best of our ability and time.

We are here to establish our own legacy and we’re looking for others willing to join us on that journey.

If you are interested in joining you can:

Head over to the discord linked below, DM me via Discord(@Komix#9290) or through here, or apply in-game. You are also more than welcome to just hang out in our Discord (it’s brand spanking new, there’s still a ton I need to do with it).

What we offer
Stress free and relaxed environment.
Brand spanking new Discord.
30 day purge cycle.
Sherpas through content.
Alt guild available.

Min ilvl 1370+
Discord for comms.
Patience and willingness to learn.
Weekly Guild Task Contribution