[NA East - Regulus] <Hybrid Theory> Now Recruiting for Endgame!

Guild Name: Hybrid Theory
Server: Regulus (US East)
Language: English
Focus: PvE

Hybrid Theory is a social multi-gaming community that is looking for more like minded players to join our Lost Ark Guild. We have great player base across multiple games including: Destiny 2, Final Fantasy XIV, and World of Warcraft. We are looking for social players to help create an environment that promotes spending time with your guild mates even when you’re not doing the same activity. If you are the type who never contributes to chat, never joins a voice channel, or only reaches out when you need assistance, then we are not the community for you.

What We Offer
A fun, friendly, and drama free environment that understands there is life outside of the game
Scheduled and spontaneous events for in game activities
A space for both new, veteran, and high tier players
An active and social discord

What We Are Looking For
Active, Social, and Mature players
A helpful and non-elitist attitude

Age 18+
Based in North America
Join the Hybrid Theory Discord

Weekdays: 6pm EST - 1am EST
Weekends: Varies
Scheduled events are planned with enough notice to allow most members to participate
Spontaneous events usually happen immediately when enough players are online and willing to participate
If you are offline for more than 5 days without notice you will be removed from the guild