[NA East - Regulus] 'Legendary' Now recruiting!


Guild name: Legendary
Server: Regulus, NA-East
Language: English
Guild level: LVL 14
Guild shop: LVL 5
Playstyle: Social, casual and semi-hardcore.

Have you ever gotten hit by an ability when you clearly weren’t in it? Do you also blame your teammates in Comp PvP?
It’s okay, so do we, but at least you get to be Legendary by joining our guild!

We are currently looking to recruit for our 3rd raid team (1415+), however are also open to people who want a place to hang out.
We currently have cleared HM Valtan.

Remember its just a game and its important to have a good time. Most of us are close friends so what’s important to us is having fun.


Team 1: FULL

Team 2: FULL

Team 3: Sunday’s | 8pm-11pm EST

Guild Events: Saturday (Subject to change)


  • Play actively (play at least once every couple of days)

  • Silver guild donations (more is always better, however we’re not forcing you to spend your gold or honor banners)

  • Positive vibes

NOTE: Please direct message me through one of the following contacts, you will most likely not be added to the guild if you only apply to the guild in game.

Contacts us:

  • Discord: DubleDice#0001

  • Steam: DubleDice

  • In-game: DubleDice


Research updated

3 Raid spots left!

5 Guild spots left!

Updated Research

3 Raid spots still

3 Guild spots left!

Still have 3 open raid spots!


Still looking for 3 more raiders, very active guild. We need to fill out our 2nd raid team.

Cleaned out MIA members

We now have 6 member slots available.

Looking for 2 supports for our 2nd raid team!

We also have 5 member slots available.

Updated guild level!

Raid slots are full for team 1 and team 2, open to having a 3rd raid team if enough people are interested.

5 Guild member slots available.

Updated Guild level as well as Guild shop.

7 Guild member slots available!

5 guild member slots left.

1 raid slot available.

Updated guild information!

Our first raid team has 2 spots open!

6 Guild member slots available!

Updated guild level.

5 Member slots are still open

1 Raid slot is still open.

Still recruiting for a 3rd raid team!

Updated guild information.

4 More member slots available!

1 More raid slot available!

Updated Guild Information

Updated Guild Level

4 Member slots available

1 Raid slot available

Updated guild to Level 11

4 Member slots available

1 Raid slot available

Updated guild information to include Raid times!