[NA East - Regulus] Smoothbrain - Casual hangout guild, all welcome!

Guild Name: Smoothbrain
Server: Regulus (NA East)
Language: English
(PvX/Casual – Level 6)
35/40 spots in guild, limited spots available!


Smoothbrain is recruiting new like-minded members who are looking for a place to hang out & goof off, as well as run endgame content together. The guild welcomes both beginners and experienced players alike. We’re a very laid back & relaxed group that goes with the flow, doing whatever content we’re in the mood for, and are glad to help out whenever possible. Our main goal is to provide a fun & social environment for everyone, but we also hope to take on the more hardcore challenges later on in T3 together, and some GvG content soon. Feel free to play at your own pace; we all have IRL priorities to take care of. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask!


  • 18+ years old
  • Be active in-game (if you’re inactive for 7+ days, you may be considered for replacement if spots fill unless you let us know in advance that you’re taking a break, on hiatus, or unable to log in)
  • Contribute to guild donations, research, & weekly events when possible
  • No drama, toxicity, or discrimination
  • All classes welcome, T2+ ilvl is highly preferred but not a strict requirement
  • Be chill, friendly, respectful, and have fun!
  • Discord is a huge plus. Joining voice chat is not required (except maybe for harder future content), but most of the chatting happens on there anyway
  • Be social in chat!

How to join:

  • Contact Medly#7272 on Discord DM’s (preferred method)
  • Contact Medly or Actuate in-game via whisper or mail
  • Apply to the guild in-game

We will send you an invite to our Discord server upon joining the guild!
This post is usually updated every few days, but you can message me for more info