[NA East] [Regulus] TBD Guild Recruitment | Canadian (Not exclusive) | Discord | End game | PvX

~ Everbloom & Neverbloom | Region: NA EAST | Server: Regulus | ~70/100 Filled ~

Who are we?
¤ We are a group of adult gamers based in Canada at the heart of Toronto. A lot of us used to play Maplestory, League of Legends, TFT, FF14, GW2, Valorant, and a bunch of other games. We are looking to foster a diverse community of mature and friendly gamers to play Lost Ark with while building relationships and building a welcoming culture.

¤ Our community is based on semi-casual players who want to do good at the game, but have our priorities straight and not kill over the game. We accept all players no matter your content interest, as long as you are down to meet people, make friends, active on Discord, and enjoy playing games together.

¤ As Canada is a very diverse country, we have a very diverse culture. No matter if you are a KPop lover, dog or cat person, anime watcher, comic lover, a bunch of soft engineers, right brain thinkers, or people with back problems! We all celebrate each other’s differences and are always willing to learn about each other’s stories.

What are we looking for?

:pushpin: 18+ years or older & mature individuals

:pushpin: Active on Discord & willing to be on VC

:pushpin: Want to be in Discord chatting and making friends. If you do not want to participate in group activities, there’s no need to be in a guild.

:pushpin: Help fellow guild members & newcomers

:pushpin: People who prioritize the safety and wellbeing of others and encourage a healthy culture. We have a zero tolerance for toxicity and elitism.

Everbloom | Level 5
:pushpin: iLevel 960+ Mains only
:pushpin: Mid to “hardcore”

Neverbloom | Level 5
:pushpin: iLevel 440+ Mains only
:pushpin: More casual but still active in-game & discord

Our Philosophy

:one: Real Life > Video Games

We prioritize the wellbeing of individuals beyond the game. Games are supposed to be a source of entertainment and fun, and everyone has different levels of commitment to the game. Be understanding of each other and do not pressure them to prioritize the game over real life commitments. Encourage a healthy work/life balance.

:two: Community Culture > The Game

We don’t know if Lost Ark is gonna be the game we all fall in love with, but we can make it more memorable by experiencing it with people we care about. Creating a positive community’s culture will reflect how we play the game, and how we treat each other. Focus on the community first.

:three: Long term > Short term

We want to sustain and work together towards the long term health and stability of the community, and not reach burnout, within the game and outside. We do this by aligning to the same direction/goals and developing an environment where people can grow and strive towards their personal & community goals.

Interested in making this community your new home? Join our server to sign up or if you have any questions. @ N[Everbloom] (#welcome, #recruitment pins) or message Brandon#6359 directly.


what the cap on guild members?

Hoping we will reach full 100 member cap, right now its sitting at 39/100

Can you resend discord invite, I just bought platinum founders pack and am ready to start tomorrow! I am from the 6ix :slight_smile:

I’ll be interesting in joining (starting today with the founders pack) :slight_smile:

Also, a non related comment. I’m so intrigued by this being flagged xD Like I don’t really know what triggers people nowadays, this is such a normal post D:

Oh haha i flagged it myself cause i couldnt delete the post since we are full. If you are interested to be a guest or want to try to sign up for the waiting list, but not guarantee a spot. DM me on discord and i can get you access.