[NA East, Sasha] Forgotten Arkers, 1415+, semi-hardcore, PvX, social. Funnel guild for Lostest Arkers. Transferred to Lostest Arkers @ 1445

Guild name: Forgotten Arkers
Region: NA East
Server: Sasha
Focus: PvX, Events, GvG, GvE, Raids

Semi-hardcore, fast-growing guild/community. Arkers guilds have over ~66 active members currently and the people very friendly. The focus is PvX content, so the weekly tasks will be a mixture of PvP and PvE. The guild is 1415+. Guildmates are very social and active in-game and in the Discord daily, trading carries, PvPā€™ing or just hanging in VC.

Guild features
:pushpin:Transferred to Lostest Arkers at 1445 (64+ members currently)
:pushpin:2 x Alt character guilds (Missing Arkers, Unknown Arkers)
:pushpin:Weekly raids
:pushpin:Custom PvP matches/tournaments
:pushpin:Weekly GvG/GvE
:pushpin:50/50 distribution
:pushpin:Trades & Services channel in Discord

:white_check_mark: 1415+
:white_check_mark: Active
:white_check_mark: Willing to contribute/donate
:white_check_mark: Join the Discord

If you have any questions or care to join, search for Forgotten Arkers in-game after hitting Alt+U, hit us up in our Discord or DM me.

A Cucumber#7303