[NA East] [Sasha] Idiots Only Recruiting NOW for new guildies or cross realm static

Name: Idiots Only
Server: NA East: Sasha

Gamers looking for chill gamers to tackle end game content with. Group of real life friends and ex wow/ ff14 raiders. Mostly idiots.

What We’re Looking For:

  • Active / social people that want to be part of a long term community
  • Passion for raiding / end game content
  • Willingness to learn

What You Expect From Us

  • Chill and non-toxic environment
  • Lots of patience to teach and learn together
  • Like minded group of players looking to tackle all types of content
  • Our group is 35+ with responsibilities / kids so we totally understand real life comes first and try to be flexible with schedules

Also open to cross realm players looking for a static :slight_smile:

Ingame Name: Boakwon
Discord: Pawle#3418