[NA East - Sasha] LF Guild, Main Support (Roster and Goals Updated)

Quited today (08/18) of a "dead’ guild i was in, so around tomorrow (19/08) at night i will be able to enter a new one.

Desired Guild

I want to enter in a new guild, prefereable semi-casual/hardcore, never was part of a hardcore guild, so i’m not sure if i will like it, but i have a lot of time to play currently.

  • I want to be able to get more than 8,000 Sylmael Bloodstone weekly in my main and alts (alts can be 6,000)

  • I will do every guild content, PvP and PvE Sieges, weekly quests (more than one time if necessary), donating silver, etc.

  • I can do raids with the guild between 13:00 ~ 19:30 and 21:00 ~ 01:00 ( 01:00 PM ~ 7:30 PM and 09:00 PM ~ 01:00 AM), just let me know beforehand.

Note: English isn’t my native language (Brazilian Portuguese), i can understand, read and write without much problem but i never tried to pronounce the words, so i will have problem talking in call for a while (until i get used to speak in english).

Currently Roster

Note: The two 1370 will likely stay in this ilvl as a silver, mats and gems generator until Artist release, so i won’t push them only the ones with 1400 ilvl. (I won’t buy character slot)

  • 1460 main with 4x3 engravings with Lv.6 and 7 gems

  • Alts with 3x3 engravings and Lv.5 gems (don’t like to be transfering it)

Currently Goals

By the end of August

  • Main: Nothing, just saving bound GHL.

  • Alts: At least at 1415, perhaps 1430 if possible.

By the end of September (Clown raid release)

  • Main: 1475 with all lv.7 gems, still 4x3 engravings.

  • Alts: At least at 1445, perhaps 1460 with 4x3 engravings.

By Brelshaza raid release

  • Main: At least 1490, perhaps 1520 with 5x3 engravings.

  • Alts: At least 1475, perhaps one or two at 1490.

By Akkan raid release (Who knows when)
If possible:

  • Main: 1 Bard and 1 Artist at 1600, at least lv.9 gems, max tripods

  • Alts: 1590, at least 5x3 engravings and lv.6~7 gems, also max tripods.

I may change some things over time here and there.