(NA East, Sasha) Lostest Arkers recruiting. Island owners. Semi-hardcore+, PvX, GvG, GvE. Guild lv. 18, 60+ members (1460+ req.) weekly raids, bus trades, alt guilds + "funnel" guild for 1415+ mains (transferred to main guild at 1460)

Guild name: Lostest Arkers
Region: NA East
Server: Sasha
Focus: PvX, Events, GvG, GvE, Raids

Semi-hardcore, fast-growing guild (lv. 18 + max lv. shop) with ~60 active players currently and members so far are very friendly. The guild is 1460+. Guildmates are very social and active in-game and in the Discord daily, trading carries, PvP’ing or just hanging in VC. Joining raids/events isn’t required but if you are determined to be a total “lone wolf” in game (which is totally fine btw!), it may not be the guild for you.

We would like to assemble a dedicated island GvG team soon, so if that interests you, message me!

Guild features
:pushpin:Max lv. Guild Shop
:pushpin:3 x Alt character guilds (Missing Arkers, Unknown Arkers & Forgotten Arkers)
:pushpin:Forgotten Arkers guild also acts as “funnel” guild for Lostest Arkers (transferred upon hitting 1430)
:pushpin:Weekly Argos/Valtan/Valtan HM/Vykas raids
:pushpin:Weekly Argos P3 Bus Trade groups (4 mains, 4 alts, then swap the carry)
:pushpin: Statics
:pushpin:Custom PvP matches/tournaments
:pushpin:Weekly GvG/GvE
:pushpin:50/50 distribution
:pushpin:Trades & Services channel in Discord

:white_check_mark: 1460+ (some exceptions can be made on an individual basis)
:white_check_mark: Active
:white_check_mark: Willing to contribute/donate
:white_check_mark: Join the Discord

If you have any questions or care to join, search for Lostest Arkers in-game after hitting Alt+U, hit us up in our Discord or DM me.

A Cucumber#7303