(NA East, Sasha) Lostest Arkers recruiting. PvX, GvG, GvE. Guild lv. 11, 35+ members (1415+)

Guild name: Lostest Arkers
Region: NA East
Server: Sasha
Focus: PvX, Events, GvG, GvE, Raids

Social, semi-hardcore, fast-growing guild (lv. 11 + max lv. shop) with over 35 active players currently and members so far are very friendly. The current goals are pushing GS/new content, weekly raids and GvG/GvE while doing it in a social environment; degenerates welcome and all! The focus is PvX content, so the weekly tasks will be a mixture of PvP and PvE. We have many members really pushing PvP and gearscore hard. We have also been playing the new GvG and GvE content and are currently 2nd on one of the Raid Match islands.

Guild features
:pushpin: Max lv. Guild Shop
:pushpin: Alt character guild (Missing Arkers)
:pushpin: Discord
:pushpin: Weekly Argos/Valtan/Valtan HM
:pushpin: Weekly GvG/GvE
:pushpin: 50/50 distribution

:white_check_mark: 1415+ (some exceptions can be made on an individual basis)
:white_check_mark: Active
:white_check_mark: Willing to contribute/donate
:white_check_mark: Join the Discord

If you have any questions or care to join, search for Lostest Arkers in-game after hitting Alt+U, or message me on Discord. A Cucumber#7303

Discord: Lostest Arkers