[NA East] [Sasha] Noxian - Level 9 Guild - Recruiting Semi-Casual, Active Players

Guild: Noxian
Server: Sasha (NA East)
Language: English
Current Item Level Requirement: 1400
Current Weekly Contribution Requirement: 300

Noxian is a mature, semi-casual guild looking to build a community of active and like-minded players. We’re expanding our roster in preparation for Valtan, with the goal of eventually tackling hard mode content together – and beyond.

About Us:
-We currently have two weekly P3 Argos groups and are looking to add more
-Our Discord has automated LFG features for organizing raids and guides for game-related topics
-Our members are active daily, hang out in voice chat, and assist one another with all types of content
-We are currently guild level 9 with a level 4 bloodstone shop access and a 50% distribution rate

-Must be an active player, preferably with weekend availability for raids
-Must be willing to do content with the guild
-Must be willing to join voice chat for guild content – microphone preferred, but not required
-Weekly minimum guild contribution, currently 300 (subject to increase with notice)
-Minimum gear score / item level of 1400

If you think Noxian might be a good fit for you, or if you’d like to know more about our guild, you can DM me (beltani#0072) or Dovah Sos#6807 in Discord.


Can’t find either name in discord.

My buddy and I are looking for a new guild. I’m 1416 sorc and hes 1405 Shadowhunter (will be 1415 this week.

Let us know.

1400 Gunlancer interested. Active player.