NA East Sasha Wei card

Hello, I was wondering if there was some kind of issue with NA East Sasha’s mac merchant, since the release of the game our Mac has appeared with wei in his store 8 times in total.
0 times in the past 5-6 weeks if not more now, compared to EUC Thirain which has had 23 wei cards at the merchant since release it seems a little unfair almost like its weighted higher to drop on some servers over other ones.
Could we get some clarification on how this works or maybe look into if there are any issues with it? Thanks

I’ve seen a few threads relating to some regions having less merchants than others. I’ve reported this to the team. Thanks!

Hi there, I’m not sure if its due to less merchants spawning but I was mostly referring to the legendary card Wei not spawning anywhere near as often in NA east sasha as it does in other regions/servers (in some servers it has appeared more than 3x the amount it has in ours).

No don’t worry I put that in my report. I Informed the team that there appears to be far more opportunities for the Wei card in some regions compared to others. Less merchants could be an underlying reason?

But your main issue is what I reported.