NA East - UNA [HEX] Lvl 15 Guild Recruiting active 1445+ Mains Only

Guild Name: HEX
Guild Level: 15
Shop Level: 5
Server: NA East UNA
Language: English

About us:
Our focus is on community building and making Lost Ark more enjoyable for everyone. We encourage positivity, peer support, and creating memorable experiences together. If this is something you also value, this is the perfect guild for you!

Event and Raid Times:
:imp: Argos P3 - Friday at 8 PM EST
:imp: Valtan HM - Determined per static
:imp: GvG/GvE - Fri/Sat/ or Sun around 2 PM EST
:imp: PVP Tourney - Once per month usually on a Saturday

Guild Requirements:
:white_check_mark: 1445+
:white_check_mark: Discord
:white_check_mark: Participate in weekly guild tasks
:white_check_mark: Minimum of 300% Weekly Contribution

How to Join:
DM on Discord Binh#3768 or Loresel#2181