NA East - Una - Invidia Guild

Hello fellow adventurers!

Guild: Invidia (Level 12)

Server: Una

Language: English


Recruiting status: Open (ilvl 1400+ mains only - alt guilds available)

Timezone: EST - Active hours 8am-2am daily

Currently clearing both: Normal and Hard Valtan/Vykas and setting up static groups for Kakul Saydon

Immediate fill for DPS


Our leadership in the guild consists of multiple people from various real world as well as gaming experience. The guild leader has 20+ years of experience running hardcore progression guilds in other MMO’s, as well as leading groups in various survival games, as well as being a top world raider for his class during at ilvl progression during multiple expansions across various games such as WoW, FFXIV, SWTOR, etc.

All guild officers come from various backgrounds and have leadership experience across games such as BDO, WoW, Lost Ark, and many others in both community as well as hardcore progression settings.

Invidia is a tight knit chill multi-gaming community looking for like-minded individuals that are passionate about Lost Ark that prefer grouping up for:

Legion Raids




Ghost Ship

Guardian Raids

Adventure islands, etc

Raid times we are looking for:

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 7:00 PM EST TBD Roles: DPS.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: 10:00 PM EST start time Roles: DPS, Support.

Other availability TBD


Our leadership consists of seasoned Lost Ark vets from the Russian and Korean servers, that can provide tips and tricks on how to clear content and progress.

Our group consists of players across various backgrounds from both hardcore and casual settings. We make sure to vet new players and make sure they will vibe with us and enjoy socializing with other guildies.

Aside from Lost Ark, community members play other multiplayer games such as survival games, first person shooters, and tabletop games (D&D).

We have an active discord community that enjoy discussing a wide variety of other topics.


Age: Adults Only

Be active on Discord

Voice comms for raids.

Daily basic guild donation required.

We have multiple RU/KR Veterans in the leadership team and community, that have the ability to teach the current content during progression of Valtan, Vykas, and beyond.

Our mission is to create a community that can learn the current content and improve their ability to succeed together as a community among other friends who enjoy playing the game. Although we are not pursuing hardcore progression as a guild, we do pull from some of the hardcore concept to create an efficient raid environment where we can all learn together and progress.

We have created a raid sign-up sheet that will be accessible to all guild members to sign up for the timeslot that fits their schedule. Currently, we plan on having a timeslot for weekday mornings and evenings and will be adding a weekend timeslot depending on interest.

Link to Invidia community Discord: Invidia

Once the discord is joined, contact Malokai (Discord tag: Boondock#8882), or Skook (Discord tag: Abnoot#7777) to setup an interview!