NA EAST Una - [Malding]

Server: NA East Una
Language: English
Age Requirement: 18+

About Us:
Malding is a new and active guild looking to create a group of likeminded people to push content with.
Our guild is semi-casual and our ultimate goal is to have a pool of experienced players with multiple push teams.
We don’t consider ourselves extreme tryhards, but we aren’t a casual group either.
Instead, we are a growth and team oriented group focused on quality runs and improvement.
As of now, we’re recruiting friendly and active T2/T3 players with discord.

-Daily/weekly abyssal, chaos, and guardians
-Legion raids and GVE/GVG (when they finally come out)
-Maybe pvp

DM yeff#4920 on discord(preferred) or TTP in-game for recruitment/more info.
We look forward to having you join us!