[NA East - UNA] Queens Guards

Guild name: Queens Guards

Server: UNA

Language: Any language is fine as long as you can understand a bit of english :slight_smile:

Guild level: 4

ilvl Requirement: level 50 above

Description: This is a fairly new guild that is made from launch with a few friends but it has not progressed much because most of us was busy. Starting today we are trying to revive the guild and make it more active once again and everybody is welcome as long you have the right attitude and motivation. Guild leader is currently at ilvl 1490 with 7 alts minimum of 1370 so we can help you out on your journey to raids and dungeons.

What we are looking for:

*Active players(not offline for more than 3 weeks straight)

*Willing to participate in activities

*Willing to help the guild progress by doing research/donation/quests

If you are interested or got what it takes then feel free to join!