[NA East] [Una] Sardaukar - Are you looking for a mature family to call home?

Meridian 59, UO, EQ, and so many more games from the past are our vocabulary. We are a group of mature gamers who have been around for a long time. Our interests being in various topics from D&D, Tabletop Simulator, Tabletop games, RPGs, RTS, and other vestiges of nerd culture from movies, comics, to books. We seek like minded individuals for not just a guild but a family of gamers. We are not looking for hardcore or casual but people who want to be a part of something that will grow and shape the future for years to come. If you are looking for a home and not just a guild join us. The people who join us must be dedicated to seeing the guild grow through donations or any other means.

What is a Sardaukar?? From Dune written by Brian Herbert. The Sardaukar were the elite military force of the Padishah Emperor who served prominently during the Corrino Empire. They were renowned and feared throughout the Known Universe for their fanatic zeal, superior fighting abilities, and sheer ruthlessness.

Server: Una
Language: English
Style: PvX (GvG focus)
Guild Level: 3


  • We will be pushing for all forms of content.
  • All members should be welcoming and helpful.
  • The biggest and most important thing is we accept anyone. All creeds, colors, religions, accents, regions, nationalities, genders.
  • We are open for you. We are especially looking for those with a willingness to help and teach others.

How to join:
Currently the guild is open to all people casual and hardcore but not for long. Get in while you can! We will be locking the guild down with more requirements very soon. Merely go to the guild tab and search for Sardaukar then join us.