[NA East - Una] Serious

Hello, I’m seeking dedicated players to fill two 8 man groups who will be focused on future Hellmode PvE content and merging the groups for GvG.

The guild’s structure will be a core of 16 players, two groups of 8 who focus on PvE content and come together for some “casual” GvG.

We also have a guild for alts (Two Serious) as the spaces are limited to the core 16 mains and other active friends of mains or people primarily focused on other types of content.

A little about myself:
I have been playing lost ark for about 8 months now on Russia and Japan, Those servers are pretty dead so it has been hard to actually find people for group content. I’m currently working to progress my own account and just now have found some time to post here. As I personally plan to play this game for years to come I am only interested in playing with others who have the same mindset. I have over 10 years of guild and raid leading experience in other MMO’s and have achieved some great things as well as great memories with my guildmates.

If this might be something you’re looking for you can contact me in game or through our guild website. Thank’s for your consideration.

GM: Excelsis
Learn more about us @ https://serious.enjin.com/