[NA East] [UNA SERVER] - Aphyria - Raiding Guild - Highly Active, Helpful, and Friendly! ILVL 1415+

Aphyria is a highly active multi-game community with chapters in Lost Ark, Guild Wars 2, FFXIV, Black Desert Online, and SWTOR! We work hard to provide a safe, helpful, non-toxic atmosphere that is welcoming to people of all types.

Our Discord is public and open to anyone regardless of if you join one of our guilds, so come check us out!

Our Lost Ark chapter is a PvX Raiding Guild currently seeking ILVL 1415 + players to participate in all content LA has to offer. We have multiple guilds in order to support the varied needs of our members.

Our main guild Aphyria is a Level 12 Raiding Guild with a Level 5 Shop and is currently seeking a few more members ILVL 1415 + for end-game activities.

Our sister guilds Sunfire and Great Sun are Level 5 and are available for those in our guild with alts.






Our latest P3 down. Join us today!!

Our latest GVE event. Don’t miss out! o7

Join today!

Bump! Another week, another Oreha Hard down (Great Sun is our alt guild).


Another deer hunt complete! Join today!

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Good run on Valtan everyone! Can’t wait for more!

Was A fun Run!

Last Valtan Gate 1 down! Potential guildies see you soon!

GVE Boss down!! Currently Rank 1 as of 6/9 7:38 PM EST!!!

Our weekly treasure map guild run!



Another Valtan run join today!

Another day another deer down!