[NA East] [Una] - Skybreakers

Guild Name: Skybreakers (Level 6)

Region: NA East

Server: Una

Status: Recruiting

We are a medium sized guild mostly made up of mature, semi-hardcore players who mostly come from other MMOs (WoW, FFXIV, PSO2, etc). We have a fair number of people in T3 hitting 1370 and are looking to fill out our guild with other players interested in doing end game raids.

We don’t have a strict item level requirement, but we prefer players who are in T3 and will prioritize people who are 1340+ and progressing towards Argus phase 1. We have a decent number of supports and are planning to run two raid groups.

If you are interested feel free to stop by our discord: Skybreakers and chat with us. We don’t have a list of rules, but we will not tolerate any kind of excessive toxicity and want this to be a chill, friendly environment. We also have two alt guilds that are distributing bloodstones each week and leveling a bit behind the main guild.

We got a couple people, but still have room for more and are looking for people getting ready for end game content.

We are starting to hit 1370 and are still looking for some people who are getting ready for raids in the coming weeks. If you’re interested stop by the discord and say hi!

Updated post as more members are hitting 1370 and we are looking to fill out our raid group and get a second one going. Our core group is very active and most of us are progressing alts in T2 and T3, but because guild features in this game are really lacking we recommend roster friending members since alts don’t fit in the main guild.

Hello, I’m interested in your guild and would like to ask more about it, would like to talk in discord dms, or in voice! Let me know when you’ve seen this message.