[NA East - Una] The Dreadfleet (lvl 19) PvX Casual (63/68)

Guild Name: The Dreadfleet (63/74)
Server: NA East - Una
Language: English+
Age Requirements: 19+
Guild Level: 19
Entry ilvl: 1445

Ahoy! Our pirate crew welcomes lads and lasses, dead or alive, who want to diversify their evenings with some plundering under the sail. Harsh sea dogs and enlisted cabin boys - we will be glad to share a barrel of rum with any pirate mate! All hands on deck, man the cannons and worship the almighty tentacle of the Sea God!

We are a casual small guild from NA East - Una, looking for players to have fun and explore the vast seas of Arkesia. We prioritize life over game, as we started as a small group of friends, with our shipyard located in Toronto, CA, but our Captains sailing all around the world.

Currently we are looking for more active sailors to plunder Sailing Coin Chests, Popular Buoys and conquer Hazardous Waters!

Argos, Valtan, Vykas! Especially interested in those, who want to establish a pre-made for end-game content!
We are running raids on:

  1. Fridays, 8PM (7/8) 1475+
  2. Wed/Thu or Mon/Tue, 7:30PM (8/8?) 1475+
  3. Open for lead and recruitment (0/8)

We are looking for people who:
:large_orange_diamond: Will play the game (and maybe other games as well?)
:large_orange_diamond: Are not afraid of other crew-mates failing
:large_orange_diamond: Want to participate in guild content casually
:large_orange_diamond: Are not afraid of chopping wood for those sweet guild XP points

To join the guild you can message @DDevil , DDevil#6969 or join our discord at:

Hola soy de el server UNA en eeu este, como podran leer soy español soy item level 1400 con 4 alters a 1340, si me aceptan y comprenden me gustaria unirme, entiendo parte de ingles

I will follow up with the guild to check if we have anyone who speaks Spanish. We are happy to welcome anyone, no matter the language, but for any communication and end-game activities, we use English as a common language.

As long as it’s fine with you and you accept those terms, we can definitely try it out, and maybe get a separate Spanish speaking stack for later content, as we already have some people speaking non-English (though English is, again, the main language spoken in the guild)




42/50, failing Valtan tries on ghost phase rn, if you want to join us and help you’re welcome here :smiley:
or if you want to learn as well



48/53 (Yay, we got 2nd place on Snowpang!)

47/56 after some cleaning :3

46/59 after some more cleaning! Looking for more people to join our static groups!

46/59, looking for people to join us for Vykas and Valtan, as well as Argos groups and Snowpang/GvG enjoyers.

40/59 and looking for active members to fill in the teams!

41/59 and looking for raid members!

41/59 and looking for more Vykas and Valtan members!

41/59 and looking for more Vykas and Valtan members!

41/62 and looking for more Vykas and Valtan members!

43/62 and looking for more members!
Vykas, Valtan, Argos, GvE

43/62 and looking for more members!
Vykas, Valtan, Argos, GvE