[ NA EAST - Vykas ] - Homies Forever

Garef, Guild Co Leader here! Homies Forever is recruiting! We’re currently a Lvl 2, in the process of Lvl 3, guild! We have 22/32 members but a lot are alts. Some members are inactive as well, which will get kicked to make room. Most of us know each other IRL. I’m making this post because I’m currently 1330 iLvl and we need more active members so we can do content and learn the game as a guild without having to matchmake with pubs. I want to be able to make this guild organized and have weekly runs together at convenient times for everyone. There is only two requirements, don’t be toxic and be willing to learn. Any iLvl and any experience/nonexperienced people are welcome!

If you’re interested you can add me on steam and PM me or add me on discord at Garrett#6384 and PM me there!

Look forward to meeting you!