NA-East [Vykas] Powerpuff level 15 guild

:crown:- Guild Name: Powerpuff (52/62) [mains only please]

:cherry_blossom: - Server: NA-East Vykas

:cherry_blossom: - Language: English

:cherry_blossom: - Guild Level: 15

:cherry_blossom: - Guild Shop: 5

:heart_exclamation: - Bloodstone Distribution: 35/65

:star2: - Item Level: 1400+

:x:- Inactivity Period: 1 week without communication

Hello everyone!

Powerpuff is a semi-casual guild recruiting for more mature players that are looking to learn, grow and reach end game content together. We are a friendly, active and social community that runs Argos, Valtan, Vykas and many more guild events. We do have a level 8 alt guild and use global chat to communicate between characters. All that we ask is that you donate to the guild and help with weekly tasks when available.

We offer help with any content as well as great company. We also offer a safe space and do not tolerate any toxicity. We will gladly hold a spot for you if you are waiting out a guild leave penalty as well.

If you aren’t looking for a guild at the moment but want to meet more friendly players - we are here for you! If we do sound like a good fit, please join our discord or apply in-game. We look forward to hearing from you :wave:!

If you are apart of any NA - East servers and are looking for some fun raid groups please reach out. Multiple Normal and Hard mode groups :smile:

Discord Required
:ribbon: - Discord: Powerpuff