{NA East- Zosma} Oni Knights LvL 21 [Content Progression Guild]

Guild: Oni Knights
Server: NA East- Zosma
Language: English

About Us:

Oni Knights Federation is a Gaming Community founded in the early 2000's. We are a Fun and Friendly Semi Hardcore Guild! We are always ready to help out fellow guildmates! Come join a community of respectable people who enjoy all forms of content together; Abyssal Dungeons/Raids, Map Completes, World Bosses, and GvG. Weekly Guild Events and much more! And we want you to join us and help the community grow! 

We strive to always be a place for folks to hang out and chill after a long days work and shoot the breeze with like minded individuals! Even though we offer a friendly environment we do want to let anyone applying know we are a semi hardcore guild unlike others you have seen we don't get anal over incorrect builds or belittle people. Instead we offer assistance and help as best we can! 

Join our discord for more info and our rules in the community! 
Make sure to give yourself the Lost Ark role in our Role Assign Channel to join us today! 
Also feel free to check out our other groups in the Discord!

What do we offer you?:

-Lvl 21 Guild in game!
-Guild Shop Lvl 5!
-People who actually use Discord and talk!
-Helpful info to the best of our current abilities!
-Our Community offers a forever home with active leadership.
-A swift removal of Dramatic Members and Toxic people.
-Active Leadership who cares and listens to all members regardless of rank.
-GvG and Content Progression


-Donate to the Guild daily and do guild quests we check contributions weekly!
-Join our Discord it is mandatory (microphone is not)!
-Be on your main toon.
-Be Active 

Plenty of Space for Buddy groups looking for a new home :slight_smile:

Discord: Ɵni Ƙnights Ƒederation

Still recruiting more actives!!

We are actively recruiting more:

But we are open to recruiting any and all classes ^^

Still recruiting if anyone is interested and needs a home on Zosma!

Are you guys an adult guild?

If you are asking if we are 18+ the answer is yes. We are currently Full right now though until we hit lvl 3.

Hello me and 2 other friends are looking for guild to call home do all have room?

I am interested. I have a gunslinger, paladin, and sorceress all in tier 1 and tier 2. I am just in a generic guild right now I joined in the meantime until I found a better fit and group to play with.

We currently have a waitlist. We are looking for more Bards and Strikers if any are looking for a home.

Updated the OP and just wanted to let folks know we have 2 slots available in the guild on Zosma.

Guild hit lvl 6 and we now have 3 slots available in the guild if anyone on Zosma is needing a forever home.

As of right now the Guild is lvl 7 and we have 2 spots open we are looking for more support classes Bard is most preferred but we are open to anyone active and willing to stick around. We are Very Active on our Discord which is REQUIRED.

We still have plenty of room for folks wanting to join, apply to our guild ingame today ^^

Look for more dps to join up for Vultan! We have Some Main Supports ^^

Looking for more folks still ^^

We finished Gate 1 already
Looking for more folks to share in our victory celebration <3

Valtan Gate 2 was amazing I look forward to getting more folks together and completing it again!!!

If anyone is interested in joining please feel free to read the Original post it has been updated!

Bumping this post for anyone who is on Zosma looking for an Active guild with loads of weekly events :slight_smile:

If you need a guild and are on Zosma please feel free to hit us up :slight_smile:

We still have open slots for anyone 1400+ looking for a guild.

Oni is recruiting more folks in the Zosma server, especially those wanting to run and clear Inferno Valtan!

If you are on Zosma and need a Guild that builds Static Groups or want a close-knit community that has Military Veterans/Parents/Young Adults ranging from 22-40 hit us up we are looking for more folks on their mains :slight_smile: and Happy Holidays :smiley:

And we don’t judge you if you got kiddos in the background because kids will be kids after all :slight_smile:

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