[NA-East][Kharmine][LGBT+ Friendly] Sakura Company is a new beginner friendly guild

Hello all I am the Guild Leader of Sakura Company, a newly established guild made by me and a few friends.

We are looking to make a friendly, relaxed PvE (maybe PvX) focused community. At the moment we are still just trying to learn the ins and outs of the game and looking for more to share in the journey with us. We are LGBT+ and mental health friendly with a Discord available to all our members and friends.

Only requirement to join is a positive attitude and good head on your shoulders. We do require a short one on one interview for all potential recruits.

If you are interested post below or better yet hit me up on Discord at Aya#2691.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Hello! I sent you a message on discord. interested in joining :slight_smile:

Hello! Sent a dm through discord as well. Hope to hear back soon

Sent FR on Discord, sounds just my speed/style

Sounds perfect for me. Added ya on DC and I’ll be looking for ya in game. :heart: :transgender_flag:

heya I’m interested :slight_smile: