[NA East][Una] Want to be Pantsless? LGBTQ+/Woman friendly 18+ guild

Pantsless is a level 3, age 18+, woman/NB friendly and LGBTQ+ friendly Lost Ark guild. We are building an inclusive and drama-free group of people for fairly laid back play. This is a social PvX guild (with more focus on PvE), although we hope that it can also be a place to easily find people to run dungeons and other content with.

Discord is required, although you do not need to talk. We expect some active presence, and ask that you participate in guild quests and guild donations. Characters will be kicked after a period of inactivity if notice has not been given to officers or guild leader (currently 4 day inactivity maximum). However, when you return, you are free to reapply!

We hope to build a positive and friendly community, and are looking forward to meeting you!

Please DM Nef#8987 in Discord for any questions or to join Pantsless. Or post here.