NA Mari - Server crash again

Please take a look at it, server is crashing constantly like yesterday with the error can not connect.


Hello @Inverno

I’m sorry you are experiencing this issue.

Recently devs resolved a similar error on Enviska server. I’m going to escalate this situation about Mari server to them to check what is going on.

I will provide updates on this post regarding this issue.

Thank you for your report :panda_face:

Happened many times in Valtan server too… i have been stuck in infinite loading twice today… have to force restart alt+F4 and rebooted… not fun!

Note: Since yesterday we have noticed Server queues and bots start showing up in Chaos dungeons

Could you please review recent posts on this thread over the past 6 hours.

So many people on many severs are experiencing this, not just Mari

Hello @Hiroyuuki @slambox @Inverno

I’ve found this post with some steps that might help. Let me know if it does.

I’ve already escalated the situation as well, and informed this is happening on multiple servers as you all indicated.

Thank you for your patience while we work on this :panda_face: