[ NA UNA sever] Das Loot- Semi Hardcore Guild with Love for Casuals

Guild Name: Das Loot
Region/Server: NA East - Una
Language: English
Play Style: Midcore - mix of semi hardcore but with support for casuals

About us, why Das Loot?

We are a group of adult gamers from many walks of life, focused on providing a stable and welcoming environment for our members who mostly work full time jobs and want to unwind with their games. We have an experienced core of players with many MMOs under their belt, but with no playtime requirements, raid participation requirements, or gear score bar to meet, people can feel free to just enjoy the game among friends. We will be engaging in PvE, raiding, pvp, and any other content we have access to along with providing centralized knowledge, tips, and resources for members.

Requirements: Be social, talk with your fellow guild members in and out of game. Be kind to one another, be supportive of the hard cores and patient with the casuals. Uphold the Das Loot standard of honorable conduct. Don’t engage in scamming, targeted harassment, etc. If you act like a friend you will have many friends here!

If you are interested, send me a message, or use the invite link below!