NA - W Enviska - Vykas/Valtan inferno


i am looking for a group to run with pugging sucks and i get denied to groups for vykas/valtan for inferno. gate 2/3

i have completed gate 1 both vykas and valtan both deathless they are easy.
i have yet to attempt ANY gate 2/3 on either raid since i join and they ask if i have EXP in gate(s), when i say no its usually they require EXP players or don’t want to teach etc.,

i will offer anyone of these chars for completion of the run(s) you can decide what you want in the run im comfortable with all listed;

  • 1460 bard 4x3 relic full spec build
  • 1467 SH 5x3 relic +21w
  • 1460 soulfist 5x3 relic +22w

again i can do gate 1 on both raids ezpz no deaths but have yet to attempt beyond that, thoguh i have watched countless vids/guides from many different content creators and some POV videos as well to understand better.

wouldn’t take me long to grasp mechanic changes.

if interested reply/mention me here and lets get the clears in please !