[NA W | MARI] MOISTY lv 14 recruiting active players!

Guild: Moisty
Server: NA West - Mari
Language: English
Level: 14
Requirements: Being active & social in game/discord. Dedicated players willing to stick with the game long term.
Preference: 1415+, Mains, Participation on GvG and GvE

About us

  • We are a mostly PVE focused guild for players in between casual and tryhard with friendly members and officers willing to help.
  • Most of our members average ~1445-1480. We have multiple static groups running Argos, Valtan NM, & Valtan HM weekly. All guildies are welcome to join, and groups are formed based on available times.
  • PST afternoon/evening is our usual peak time, but we do have active players from other time zones such as EU and SEA.
  • We have two alt guilds. Please reach out to officers about space.
  • Currently forming alliances with other guilds to help find groups for raid activities.

Looking for

  • Active players both in-game and in our discord! Since we have limited spots left in the guild, we are prioritizing social and dedicated players first.
  • Players looking to participate in GvG, GvE content, Valtan, & upcoming Vykas raids.
  • 1415+ is preferred, but we are willing to accept players in need of help. Playing with others or by yourself is a personal preference but please be a part of our community!
  • Supports mains will be welcomed with fanfare and flowers :slight_smile:

PM me directly for invite/questions