*NA West – Shandi/Anyserver for discord* *Onemoregame* *Level 16 / Shop 5* LFM T3/1415ish> Both DPSUpports

Guild Name – Onemoregame

Server NA West Shandi/Discord for any server

Guild Level 16 Shop Level 5

Description: Onemoregame is a community and not just a guild. We’re trying to recruit the coolest and chill people to hang out and run content with our chill and olderish community that we have as of right now. There are no ilvl requirements for the guild or the discord. Just be chill and enjoy the people as much as you enjoy the game. This game can get stale, unless you get to run with people and get to kill each other if you mess up the yoho mechanic. Come have fun with us!

If interested you can DM me here, ign Fineillheal and discord at Aristogglez#7254. We’re looking to get everyone in the guild, or just discord if you like your guild but want some chill people to hang out with and talk to.


Still trying to collect all the chillest people in Lost Ark.


Still on the lookout for the chill gamers who are also still trying to find this hidden ark.


Testing testing 1 2 3

New reply who dis?

Out here talking to myselffffffffffffffffff

Bumpppppppppp especially with the new updates, all server players welcome :slight_smile:

Tired of toxic people in this game? Onemoregame is looking for chill people for our guild/discord to play with our olderish and chill group of people! If you want a non-toxic environment to play in peace with other like minded individuals, hmu :slight_smile:

Still actively looking :slight_smile:


bump it up