Na west ah dead? game dead?

So after a series of maints, this is now we are at! AH dead, Bots RMters never get punished (banned? so what, unbanned in 1 week, EZ)


hey dont RMT ! lol
i lost a friend to RMT, and no he was NOT banned… he got a total of 31 million gold and decked out all his chars at the time and quit due to boredom. said the RMT he done ruined the game for him lol had nothing to go for really and got bored of one shotting everything. understandable.

once and awhile if he has time and our schedules meet i ask him to carry me through my raids lol what takes me 2 hrs to complete my raids on one char, he can do in 15 min lol i see why/how he got bored.

but yeah game broke AF…and no end in sight ~

definitely a sinking game, months ago I told them to perma ban the illegal RMT buyers and expose the quantity of players banned but no, they wanted to keep the illegal RMT buyers around and with them the bots

not banned


nice fairytale.


AH is a little buggy but still working.

Balance: 53M gold

Holy jesus ur rich :open_mouth:

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