🇺🇸 [NA West - Akkan] *Open Slots!* ✦✧ The Celestines ✧✦ ---PST--- /// ✦ Clown Down! ✧ Lv. 18 ✧ Recruiting Active & Long Term Players ✦ Social/Casual ✧ Friendly Community ✦ Weekly Raid Groups ✧

The Celestines
:sparkles: Greetings all!
Tired of trying to look for an active guild? Did you just finish serving your 14 day suspension all because the guild you were in wasn’t active or appeared so but was not? Are you just looking for a place you can settle down with players who you can talk to/raid with? Then look no further, The Celestines are currently seeking out new members to join our fun and ever-growing community! We’re a group of mid T3’s who play at a casual level! To us, being a part of The Celestines means being a part of a community of individuals who enjoy helping one another. If this sounds like you we highly encourage you to come join us!
:dizzy: Guild : ✧The Celestines

:dizzy: Realm : NA-WestAkkan ✧ PST

:dizzy: Mentality : Casual :stars:

:dizzy: Guild Level : 18

:dizzy: Language : English :us:

:dizzy: Requirements: Item Level 1415Must Join Discord Upon Acception
:night_with_stars: Why Join Us :

:eight_pointed_black_star: Friendly community of active and helpful members who contribute to answering questions as
well as in-game assistance

:eight_pointed_black_star: Weekly Raids that are flexible based on your time availability

:eight_pointed_black_star: Multiple Alt Guilds to put daily active alt characters as well as gaining bloodstones to help with alt progression

:eight_pointed_black_star: Level 18 Guild with Max Guild Shop (Access to all purchasable items from guild shop)

:eight_pointed_black_star: Super chill and awesome leadership who care for fellow members’ input

:eight_pointed_black_star: Up and coming Raiding Guild with daily active membership and much room for growth
:star: Guild Policies:

No Drama - No discussing politics, religion, real world issues, this is a game where people want to play and not be dragged down by the events of the day

Inactivity - Characters are subject to removal from the guild if inactive for more than 4 days without notice

Donations - Silver donations daily are requested, but not demanded; however, participation in the guild is required, that includes research support daily

Target Guild Contribution - While we would love everyone to hit 100% every week, we know that’s just not possible all the time, so we’ll go with 50% guild contribution total by the end of the week as requested
:star2: How To Apply:

:dizzy: Send an in-game request and our leaders will get back to you at their earliest convenience :dizzy:



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There are now 6 open spots! Hope to see you soon!!

Up up we go

If we are full and you wish to join when we have space. Please reply to this message and I can see to getting you in!


Hello. I have a 1448 paladin. Great build for Valtan. I’m looking for a guild because my current guild isn’t running Valtan at all. I always do contribution. I’m definitely a super hardcore Lost Ark player. I have a 1460 as well but I kind of main them both. I figured you’d prefer a support. I’ve spent about 30 hours in Valtan. Gotten to 2 health bars on ghost phase. I was alone at the end for a minute but of course my dmg is too low. I can’t keep pugging Valtan it’s killing my soul. If you guys are running Valtan and I can get a spot I would love to join your guild. Have you guys cleared it already? my in-game name is ryannmnn.

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Forming more Valtan groups, come and join!




Hello, my main (Sorc) is currently at 1447 looking for a static Valtan Hard group and future legion raids. I’m active daily for guild contributions and will join siege/raid matches. I’ve cleared valtan normal both weeks but don’t want to spend hours anymore in party finder. If there’s still a spot open you can add me in game @ Zerosys.

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Highly seeking supports and gunlancers at 1445+ ! If you’re looking for a chill and semi-hardcore guild with people who enjoy Lost Ark as much as we do then we would love for you to join us!

We got tacos… maybe? Ok that’s a lie… But we do have burritos :o

550 views!! Thank you for all who’ve come join our awesome family! We have grown so much since launch and am glad to be apart of something special! Go Celestines!!!

Just wanted to drop in to say Celestines is indeed an awesome family. Hoping to find some more friends that like hanging out in discord and pushing raids.

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Bump 700 Views!!! Come join us!!!

Actively looking for supports/gunlancers looking for static groups! PST 6-10pm PST! Pref Vykas Hard!!!

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still looking for supports?
im a bard 1455

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