NA West Akkan server lag? Or just me?

After the latest update, i’ve been having lag issues at about 5-8AM PST. The lag is unbearable as the ping jumps to 200k highest but did not dc me out of the game. I’m pretty sure it’s not my connection problem because everything is working fine, only Lost Ark is lagging badly. This issue only occur after the latest update. Does anyone have this same issue as me or just me? I’ve lost my rested chaos dungeon run due to the lag. Please help!!

ya same to me, but im fix that with software, you can download
the software name is warp this is not VPN, only DNS changer, make your ping higher but stable

but my ping is already high enough, i’m playing at 220ms and above all the time. So i don’t think i want it to be higher

ya its same to me broh, after using warp my ping became 250 but stable, never jump, and at least never lose chaos dungeon entrance, im trying to help,

i see i will give it a try man, thanks!!