NA West Akkan Server

Game is literally unplayable at this point. It is 10:22 P.M. on Saturday… :scream: :angry: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Fix your game Blizzard…oops…my…bad…old habit.

Fix your game AGS!!! :nerd_face: :blush: :wink:

You know, Blizzard queue probably contain more real players than bots to be honest.

There are def bots in WoW, but I don’t remember seeing them nearly as frequently and in massive numbers as Lost Ark ever had…

And to add to that, I remember the only time you would have severe queue time is when a new content patch drops, which makes perfect sense, or if you play on a full status server like Illdian. That is to be expected

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Valtan is like 7k queue most time of the day.

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But again Blizz is a subscription only game. that already deter some of the botting in itself already. SO not a fair comparison to make with this game as the monetization method greatly differs.

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Yea I am on Valtan I am waiting on a 7K queue right now as we speak. It is so BS

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I have so less bots in the Terminator movies.

Seriously I never seen a game so infested.

It is because this game is F2P, and there is seemingly a market for RMT… so all bots come and AGS cannot deal with it .

Smilegate is only the developer of the game. And in Korea they probably don’t have this crazy botting problem due to how the game validate your credentials.

Currently 3568 in queue.

I did see a couple of groups of berserkers running around in a party doing main missions… there was clearly some program running as the other 2 berserkers were following the main one explicitly in every aspect.

congrats, you just saw BOTS ?

NA west on Mari is currently 10k+ queue

According to people who support VPN ban, these are real players trying to login, the missing 700k players since day 1 peak. They must’ve seen AGS’s effective solution against bots and decided to come back to Lost Ark.

lol wut…

I mean… OK?
I mean…



:scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:

Waited 30 minutes and its down to 755.

I just quit waiting, closed the game.

Didn’t make the 11pm adventure island…
yea this game is dope…

/sarcasm off


NA West Valtan

I think it is more complex than just validating your credentials, I think having Steam as an intermediary (they don’t in KR or RU) has exposed a vulnerability. The ability for botters to create numerous accounts is a problem but I think Botters are playing with a modified version of the client which allows them to automate their functions, move faster, move through terrain, etc. This wouldn’t be possible through the normal client or an external tool which just just automates key/mouse presses. There seems to be manipulation of the client and/or data packets.

It also explains why numbers are down after the release of an update, they would have to hack a new version of the client every update.

Unless they can overcome the security of their data/client, the only thing that seems to slow them down, even a little, is a new updated client. Everything else Amazon/Smilegate does also pisses off actual players themselves. Making the game less accessible or more limited in terms of getting gold at low levels or accessing functionality, actually hurts players more than it hurts bots.

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Yup, I’ve been having the same issues recently. I literally opened up Ark survival and did a bit of building while i waited. Managed to do a resource run, a bit of level grinding, and rebuilt my whole irrigation network before I got into the servers. This game is great just fix the damn bots PLEASE AGS, dont let this awesome game go the way of New World and Anthem (i know Anthem was EA but im refering to the instant death of the live playerbase. Anthem and New World didnt last a month. While LAO has gotten off the ground it feels like its being slowly bled out by bots, be it inflating que times, ruining the market, spamming area chats, or killing quest monsters on cd)

4k queue is not even that bad. I remember the release date having 30k queue in EU